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LED Backlights for LCD displays

British Made Quality

Visualux are one of the few remaining British LCD backlighting manufacturers. Our LED backlights are handmade here in the UK for use all over the world. Clients in Europe, Australia and the USA trust the quality of our products.

Standard LCD’s are non-light emitting displays. We provide over 45 standard designs as well as tailor-made solutions for LED backlighting. If you require a bespoke design we’re on hand to help. Choose from an extensive range of colours such as standard red, super bright red, orange, yellow, green and blue, ensuring your LCD displays are legible in all lighting conditions.

The purpose of an LED backlight is to sit behind transflective and negative transmissive LCD displays and illuminate the information on the display from behind. LCDs are used in a great many different applications over varied industries. Here are just some of the places LED backlights are found:

Our LED backlights are particularly suited for use in portable handheld devices because they are long lasting (average life span of 100,000 hours) and easier to use with batteries than other lighting displays.
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LED Backlights
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