Clare/Pendar switches, indicators, keytops and gang assemblies

Keyswitches and keytops from the Clare/Pendar range.

Clare/Pendar switches, indicators, keytops and gang assemblies


Visualux has been a supplier of the Clare/Pendar/CEDI range of products since the late 1980’s. Although the manufacturers of these products have undergone several changes in ownership since this time, Visualux is still able to source all of the switch, indicator and lens assemblies along with the keyswitch and keytop product range. Clare/Pendar switches are used extensively in applications where it is mission critical for endurance and reliability therefore they are used in numerous military applications. Many of the Clare/Pendar gang assemblies are NATO codified for ease of reference to make ordering the assemblies much easier.

We can still supply alternatives to many of the Clare/Pendar products, please email us for further details.

The Clare/Pendar switches, indicators and lens caps can be supplied as individual units or as part of a gang assembly that can function independently or as part of an interlocking assembly. Numerous contact arrangements are available and Solenoid activated switches are available to special order.Clare/Pendar individual switches and gang assemblies.


The Clare/Pendar Keytops and Keyswitches can be supplied individually or as part of a complete keyboard assembly.

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