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Visualux Contrast Filters

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* Red 2424


Red 6400

L.E.D. or Plasma

Red 6531

High brightness or matched L.E.D.s

Green 4720

Vacuum Fluorescent

Green 4748

L.E.D. Green

Grey 2711

Any single or multicoloured display

* Grey 2064-2

Any single or multicoloured display

* Grey 7210

Any single or multicoloured display

* Yellow 5425


* Amber 5423


Blue 3214

Vacuum Fluorescent

Clear 0000

L.C.D. or any display

* Denotes non standard colour

The Visualite optical filters that are available from Visualux are manufactured from the highest quality polymers currently available world-wide. The standard thickness for these filters is 1.5mm but custom thicknesses are available in increments of 0.1mm starting from 0.5mm.

Your filter is available as a custom cut to size part or if necessary can be purchased as a complete sheet for you own fabrication. Machining and screen printing options are also available for customising your parts - a full design and development team is also available to help with any design problem that might be encountered.

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