External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp (EEFL)


Visualux can currently supply EEFLs:
2.6dia. up to 800mm long
4.0dia. up to 1000mm long

8.0dia. up to 1200mm long

with suitable DC and VAC inverters available.
The major advantage of using EEFL lamps for multi lamp configurations is that unlike CCFL which normally requires a separate output circuit for each lamp, EEFLs can be configured in a 'parallel' design. It is therefore possible to run between 5 - 20 EEFLs from a suitable single inverter. There is also a high life expectancy for EEFLs in excess of 50,000 hrs.
Development EEFL kits that include lamps, inverter, SM Power Supply, adapter and heat shrink tubing are available from Visualux - please contact us for further details.

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